Moment of “Ick”

The boy needed underwear.  The boy ALWAYS needs underwear.  Why? Well, he’s a boy.  So skid marks.  Yeah. But that’s not even the icky part.  I’m digging through the racks at the discount store trying to find the cheapest possible package when I happen upon some highly discounted Calvin Klein boxer briefs in black, all small and adorable as they are in my little guy’s size.  Then, the horror washes over me as I realize that these are THE EXACT SAME UNDERWEAR THAT I JUST RIPPED OFF OF THE FRENCH BOY A FEW DAYS EARLIER.  Someday, some predatory older woman may do the same thing to my little guy.   I reach for the Thomas the Train undies and high-tail it out of there.  I have the urge to call the French Boy’s mother and apologize.

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