Sexting – You’re Doing it Wrong!

I received what I am fairly confident is the WORST attempt at sexting in the history of the modern universe (or at least as far back as texting was invented):

NotGettingAnyXXX:  Bj

Sent:  1:46 am

Yup.  That’s all folks.  Just Bj.  At nearly 2 in the morning on a Wednesday.   Not even BJ, as I assume that in what I can only hope was this man’s drunken state, it was too onerous to capitalize that 2nd letter.  What a delightful thing to wake up to in the morning!

Man, I love dating.

2 responses to “Sexting – You’re Doing it Wrong!

  • Cadence Harper

    I hope you sent some ridiculously snarky reply!

  • pointsofviewers

    well I hope your warm in your bed next time having a hot and steamy dream and you dont even hear the phone beep until you have to wake up and EHMM have to get a cold drink LOL … That is as close to sexting as I will probably do in a comment HA HA just thought it would be funny to comment since I am commenting all the other blogs I am reading. Sorry I am stooooopid like that all in good fun 🙂

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