I Hereby Christen 2012 The Year of the Bush!

Everyone adores a well-trimmed bush!

Bush is making a comeback.  Yes, it is.  Mark my words.  Ok, so MY bush is making a comeback.  Don’t get crazy – I’m not talking full-on smuggling a baby sasquatch bush.  I’m talking tasteful, well-groomed, nicely-shaped bush.  Why?

  1. I am SO damn tired of shaving. My battle against cuts, nicks, scrapes and bumps has been an epic battle indeed.
  2. I am SO damn bored of the bald look.  Time to change things up.
  3. Curious to see the looks/reactions on gentleman’s faces when they see what’s doing down there.  Nobody has seen me with even a speck of hair.

This is not some crazy anti-men, feminist girl-power thing.  I’m still shaving my legs and have no intention of harboring  a small wookie under my arms.  I’m not trying to make a statement.  (Although I have been feeling a bit anti-establishment and a wee bit rebellious as of late).  Laziness + Curiousity + Boredom.

I predict that, although I am a harbinger of fashion trends (who was one of the first girls in her high school to pair Doc Marten’s with combat boot?  THIS GIRL) bush won’t exactly catch on like wildfire.  I also predict that, on the whole, men will be indifferent to a light dusting of grass on the sandlot.  And the ones that DO care – talk about a great douche-detecting mechanism!

Happy Holidays to all!

2 responses to “I Hereby Christen 2012 The Year of the Bush!

  • Blackgirlinmaine

    We can only hope, frankly bush removal is simply not worth the energy. Unlike underarm and leg hair removal, which after 20+ years of removal, takes all of 6 minutes in the shower, bush removal is an ordeal. I think more and more women are getting tired.

    Just found your blog via twitter, will have to come back at some point. Good stuff.

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