About Me

After 10+ years of marriage I find myself at a place I never expected to visit, with a whole slew of brand-new labels to integrate into my life. Single mom to an autistic son. Online dater. Adventurer. Wonder Woman. Eternal optimist. Cougar.  I’ve got it all, and occasionally want to give some of it back. Trying to get by in the San Francisco Bay area all while keeping my sense of humor intact, being the best mom I can be and squeezing every last drop of joy out of life that I can.

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.— Gustave Flaubert


10 responses to “About Me

  • The Blue Lotus

    I am lovin’ the bad date series… Can’t wait to read more!

  • pointsofviewers

    the bay area and the great lakes area seem to have a lot in common lol I will pop in and read your blogs when you post one but feel free to add me on face book look up Elton Potts.. Sorry I am an older guy in a fading relationship LOL but I still enjoy your blogs 🙂 No 25 to 29 here lol sorry I had to comment on that age limit

  • kylejames13

    Thanks for the likes and all the comments, you have been amazing! I love reading your blog too! I have been having some dating insanity as well, I have thought about writing about all of them but it would be way too Sex and the City 😉 Only with a David Lynch feel 😉

  • Aww Shucks! « The Narcissist's Blog

    […] The Reluctant Monogamist  This blog makes me feel better when I feel really off course with the whole dating thing. […]

  • DressySJP

    I found your blog through links and links from my own blogroll haha. Glad to have found you and will be keeping in touch!!
    I found your blog and am looking forwarding to diving into the archives. I’m in NYC, you should check out Single Edition Media (.com)- it’s a women’s blogging network based in NYC and they are always looking for more awesome single women like us. If you tweet, let’s keep in touch! @EXGFprblms

  • Luke

    Do you remember that time we walked around San Francisco, after dancing in the Mission, and cheap Mexican food, and then we walked alllllll the way down Market until it got dark and bumped into that old British lady?

    Yeah you remember me. I have been trying to find your email address or phone number, and I can find neither.

    I did finally write up what happened that evening. What a crazy, crazy night.

    Well I hope everything is working out for you…

    Get in touch maybe.

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